Optical Platelet Counter

Accurate & validated platelet counts in minutes


Vasco PC100 uses optical based technology to achieve platelet counts. Samples are prepared and placed on counting slides. Hundreds of high magnification and resolution images are taken along multiple axes that bisect the counting slides.  Individual platelets are identified and counted to derive the final platelet count.






   Key features

  • Small, portable, table-top platelet counter
  • Individually counts aggregated platelets
  • Primary and replicate measurements
  • Entire process completed in minutes




Platelets / Platelet rich plasma (PRP)

Platelets are a lens-shaped structures, 2–3 µm in diameter, component of blood. Normal platelet concentrations range from 150-400 plt/nl.

PRP can be obtained from a venous blood draw being mechanically centrifuged to produce a concentrate of PRP.  The centrifugation process causes platelets to aggregate (clump).  Traditional hemoanalyzers cannot differentiate individual platelets from within the aggregate which can lead to inaccurate platelet counts.

Precise Platelet Counts

The Vasco PC100 platelet counter is an extremely accurate platelet counter that can be operated with minimal skill level. Hundreds of high magnification and resolution images are taken along multiple axes to identify and count individual platelets.  Platelets are individually identified and counted within large aggregates. (see image below)  A primary and replicate measurement is analyzed producing accurate platelet counts.

How the Vasco PC100 platelet counter Works

Simple 4 step process.

1. Take a blood sample

The blood sample can be taken from a blood bag or directly from a patient. A PRP sample from a blood centrifuge may also be used.

2. Prepare the blood sample

Use the supplied platelet preparation kit. A sample of 10 microliters of blood is sufficient to take a measurement.

3. Place the blood sample in the automated platelet cell counter

Place a slide containing a portion of the sample into the automatic tray.

4. Start the measurement

Simply press “Measure” on the supplied PC application to begin the count.  After a couple of minutes the platelet count result is displayed.

Measurement Results


The automated platelet cell counter shows the measurement result in amount of platelets per nanoliter blood like 354 PLT/nl. For high-accuracy and measurement consistency the platelet concentration is determined at multiple locations. Cell images can immediately be viewed on screen. The images are in black and white with the counted platelets clearly marked in yellow. These images can be archived or exported for use in publications and presentations. They also allow for manual counting for data verification. A live feed can be viewed at any time to ensure the platelets have settled for a more accurate count.


Measurement Report



Accuracy is a measure of closeness of the agreement between the quantified analyte values obtained by the tested method/device and the true values of the gold reference method/device. Systematic error or inaccuracy is quantified by the average bias, which is usually expressed as the constant and proportional bias from a regression procedure. Following the CLSI EP9 method comparison guideline, the passing-bablok linear regression method was used to find the best mathematical fit between the quantified platelets obtained by PC100 and the gold reference device (MUMC). There is a close agreement between the quantified platelet values of PC100 and MUMC. Overall, the results of regression analysis showed that PC100 can count platelets of blood samples with an average bias (inaccuracy) of -3.362 (-2.312%) across the concentration range of 20-600 plt/nl.


Benchmark: Sysmex XN9000




Precision is a measure of closeness of agreement between quantified analyte values obtained by repeated measurements of the same sample/object under a specific set of conditions. Random error or imprecision is commonly expressed as the coefficient of variation (CV) calculated from the results of a set of duplicate measurements. Using duplicates for each sample, the CV% was calculated for the platelets of blood samples counted by PC100 over the concentration range of 20 to 600 plt/nl. The CV% (imprecision) varies with an average of 2.5% across the measurement range. This indicating that within the range of 20-600 plt/nl, the PC100 can count platelet of blood samples with an average precision of 97.5%.



Vasco PC100 Platelet Counter is not FDA approved or cleared for the U.S. market. Pending FDA Clearance.

If physicians use a product for an indication not in the approved labeling they have to inform the patient, adhere to good medical practices and have the responsibility to be well informed about the product, to base its use on firm scientific rationale and on sound medical evidence and to maintain records of the product's use and effects.

(source: www.fda.gov)